Kristie Hutson

From the heart of South Carolina the talented, two-time North America Country Music Association  Award Winner, Kristie Hutson blesses us with her beautiful voice.
Having been raised by two wonderful musically inclined parents, Kristie was surrounded by Country and Christian music from childhood on.
Although extremely shy, she knew as a little girl she wanted to become a singer.

Over the years Kristie overcame shyness and pursued her passion.
While she performed in the Country and Rock genre, Kristie Hutson is diverse in all genres and loves contemporary Christians as much as Gospel.

In spite of obstacles which included a miscarriage and two rare diseases, Kristie decided to keep her faith and focus on the Lord and used the gift of singing and songwriting God had blessed her with, to in turn bless others with.

Kristie has always been very involved in her community and even hosted a Christian music/chat web show, "The Kristie Hutson Show".
"I love to be involved in anything that blesses people and helps to spread God's word," she says as sincere as can be.

The local radio station plays her music. Weddings, talent competitions, concerts and other special events involving music entertainment, are no challenge for the South Carolina gifted Beauty.
With her mind on Jesus and her heart and passion, Kristie Hutson is definitely an asset to the industry which will impact our lives more and more in the future.