​Bianca M. Broyles-Désmore, AKA B~Unique.
Entertainment Coach/Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Actress/Entrepreneur/Singing-Coach
Founder and President
IMOR Productions (“It’s My Own Record”)

Bianca Maria Broyles-Désmore born and raised in Germany came to the USA in 1995 and has placed her roots in the entertainment industry. She currently coaches up and coming artists on how to master the business side of the industry. Bianca also coaches vocalists on how to improve their stage presence and overall performance.
With more than one hundred songs across 6 genres and a very moving Christian musical, Bianca is known for her unique writing style. She currently holds a Bachelor degree in Entertainment Business as well as a Masters degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Being a songwriter of empathy, Bianca has a flair for writing catchy songs that leave the listener moved by the raw emotion in them. Although her roots are placed in contemporary Christian, she draws inspiration from many different lyrical and musical influences. "My style is Unique...I can write a score for Mission Impossible one minute, and compose a European techno song the next, while the lyrics of a musical are roaming around in my head… lol”, she says.

With years of experience as a producer, Bianca pays attention to detail and encourages her artists to get out of their comfort zone to reach new heights.
Some of her achievements include a very successful CD release in 2013 (Unknown 2013 Edition), the publication of her new artist coaching book (What's next?), and the win of two awards of one of her artists she has been coaching.
Currently, Bianca is working on her new Gen-X Talent Web-Show, "Your Time to Shine" she says: "You are never too old to shine...no matter what age!"

With this kind of attitude and the raw talent Bianca. M possesses, her future looks quite promising!



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