About IMOR Productions

IMOR("It's My Own Record") Productions is for talented musicians who have sacrificed their passion for music to either serve their families or our country. Since theĀ  music industry is designed for
the younger generation,
IMOR production is specifically designed to bypass that cliche.​

My name is B~Unique and God has given me a passion for music early on in life. After I got saved he provided me with the talent to compose and write music.
After losing everything twice due to a Tornado and two hurricanes, I quickly came to realize the important things in life.

I take talents...any age...any gender...any style, under my wings and promote their gift. Though all are welcome, I specialize in coaching and promoting the older generation.

If you are an artist/band with your own material, I am more than happy to represent you. A fee for my services will be discussed and agreed upon on before services are rendered.

IMOR Productions proudly donates to local charity and immediate occurring needs.

If you would like to donate to support IMOR Productions "Local Artists On the Rise" Fund, please send all donations to B-Unique@itsmyownrecord.com (PayPal)

So....if you feel like you have what it takes or just simply want to try something new....Submit your audition here:

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